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Seamless analytic support that feels like an in-house department… only better, because we strive to earn and keep your business!


Proposal Support

Complex research objectives require out of the box thinking. Send us your toughest RFPs – we will guide you on research and sample design, and provide you with plug and play descriptions of the methodologies being proposed.

Analytic Design

Good analytic design is about more than just dipping into a grab-bag of statistical techniques. These tools can be applied effectively or ineffectively, with imagination or by rote. Our combination of expertise and experience ensures you will receive an analytic design that perfectly balances rigor and cost for any research problem. Remember, the data is only as good as the design that precedes it.

Model Estimation

Innovative design presupposes innovative model estimation. We use the most appropriate modeling approach for any given problem to ensure that results are clear and actionable. We are not fans of complexity for complexity’s sake; that said, there are certain problems that can only be addressed effectively with complex estimation techniques such as Latent Class and Hierarchical Bayesian models.

Simulation Tools

We provide cleanly designed excel-based tools for choice model simulation, forecasting and segmentation scoring models. These tools have easy-to-use interfaces and are fully “locked-down” ensuring the integrity of the simulation data if the tools are shared across large teams.